About Lofotlys

Alexandra discovered the beauty of the sea urchin, when she accidentally put a light underneath one, just after arriving in Lofoten. The first Lofotlys was made when Alexandra got some extra time as her work got closed during covid-19. Later she founded Lofotlys AS in 2021, together with Matias.

Lofotlys are handpicked sea urchins, made into decorative lights.

They go diving in arctic waters and freezing temperatures to locate and capture the urchins. Then they are made into Lofotlys by removing the spikes, cleaning them and finally drilling a hole for a small Led light. It’s all worth it when they see the beauty of nature light up.

The sea urchins eat and destroy the much needed kelp forest, and are considered an unwanted species. Kelp is considered "Norways rain forrest" since it produces so much oxygen and the sea urchins have already removed 50 % of the Norwegian kelp forrest. If you buy a Lofotlys you not only get an exotic decorative light, but you also contribute to important environmental work

Come visit us in our workshop in Løktveien 1 in Henningsvær where you can pick out your own, just have a look or enjoy a nice chat with us :)

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  • What?

    When Alexandra Anker by accident inserted a light into a sea urchin shell , she instantly fell in love with the light she ended up calling Lofotlys!

  • How?

    When Norway was shut down due to Covid, she had time to start diving after and experimenting with the different sea urchins. Discovering there are way to many of them leading to less kelp forest, she decided to start making lights of them, calling them Lofotlys!

  • Where?

    In different spots along the coast of Lofoten, Alexandra and her boyfriend Matias go diving for sea urchins that are later cleaned and made into decorative lights, that all look different and has its own personality.

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